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School project in Kenya

Together with the director of the Sower Education primary school, we are working on the construction of a primary school in Eldoret (Kenya). Ester and her team take in approximately 350 primary school-age children to give them accommodation and food, as well as the opportunity to receive an education.

Recently, the lease of the piece of land on which the school is located was terminated and Ester started looking for another piece of land to set up a new school there. Originally in 2007 there were only 4 children being taught under a tree. Thanks to the efforts of the group around Esther, the number has grown to a group of 350 students, mostly from the slums and from more remote places.

From Beveren, we try to support in the first instance to prepare the new piece for education with the construction of latrines and the drilling of a waterput The classrooms themselves are made with corrugated sheets and are therefore not really durable and weather and wind resistant. The reason that relatively simple materials are used are the finances and the uncertainty about the piece of land that is currently being worked on. A new lease of 5 years has been concluded, but it is also mainly the intention that the plot of land can be purchased so that a long-term solution can be built up.

There are plenty of ambitions. For example, we are already working with young single mothers. They receive sewing training and the intention is to offer the made clothes in a small shop afterwards. There is also a pearl workshop where all kinds of jewelery with pearls are made. The project also aims to teach the women how to start and run a business and also create the opportunity to earn money.

It is also the intention to set up an agricultural project and link it to the school. We want to make the school self-sufficient with food grown on our own field.

We make a warm appeal to also support and help us to build a beautiful project for the less fortunate in Eldoret.

We would like to receive your warm support on account number:

BE21 9660 1126 3303